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von Ewald Böhringer
20. Juni 2014

good grapes for a better life

Home of Compassion - Graduation 2014

Ein Jahr lang haben die Studenten von Home of Compassion gebüffelt und gezittert, nun haben es alle geschafft und können zu Recht voller Stolz ihren erfolgreichen Abschluss präsentieren.
Hier die Worte von Pater Charles E. George:

Dear All
I trust that you are well. It is however very cold in Cape Town South Africa. We had a fantastic time on Friday evening at the graduation of our first batch of students for 2014. Please see attached pictures of the students that could attended the ceremony, new facilitators that received their training and the students friends and families that came to support them.
People were standing outside as the place was jam packed. What was so strange is that we never even recognized some of our learners as they looked like a million dollars.
Thank you once again for being part of a successful event.You truly made this possible. Your timely donation kept us motivated to continue and empower our community.
Much Blessings